Why am I getting "Could not bind socket" errors in X-Charge? Follow


This error occurs when you either log on to your computer or when you open X-Charge.



You may see the following error when trying to open X-Charge from the File menu.

To correct this issue and make sure the error does not reappear:

  1. Have all users exit out of X-Charge
  2. Open Task Manager, and End Process on all running XChrgSvr.exe processes (there may be several).

  3. Open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
    • Look for XCharge Server in the list, and verify that it is set to Automatic
    • If it is not, right-click on it, and change the Startup Type to Automatic
    • Start the service
  4. You should now be able to open X-Charge from all users without getting the error message.
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