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The following document will walk you through setting up users inside of X-Charge.  This will allow various users to have accounts within you application, and you will be able to control what they can do.

Note: All users must be out of X-Charge in order to complete the steps in these directions.

Note:  X-Charge is ending support of versions of their software prior to  You can find the version of software you are currently running by clicking on Help > About.  Contact X-Charge support for a download of the supported version.

Add, Edit and Remove Users

Open X-Charge and sign in with your user credentials or the System account.

At the top of the window, click on File > XCharge Server

If you receive the error listed in the image below, then you will need to top the X-Charge server service.

To stop the X-Charge server service, Open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.  Locate the X-Charge Server service at the bottom of the list, and click on the square stop icon at the top of the screen.

In the XCharge Server window, click Setup.  You will be prompted for a username and password.  Enter the same information you used a the beginning of these instructions.

On the XCharge Server - Setup screen, click on the Security tab.

Use the Add and Delete buttons to create or remove users, and the Modify button to adjust user settings or permissions.

When adding or modifying a user, you will need to select permissions.  You can click the Copy button at the bottom of the page and select a pre-existing user to duplicate permissions from that user to your new user.

Once you have setup the user with the permissions and access that you want them to have, click the OK button.  Click the Save button in the upper left hand corner of the window, and then click Exit to close XCharge server.  DO NOT use the X to close the window, your changes will not be saved.

Check the XCharge Server service in the Services window to verify that it has restarted.  If it has not started on its own, select the service, and then click the triangular Start button.

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