LX Mapping Troubleshooting Procedures Follow

The GlasPacLX Mapping site, http://maps.gtsonline.net, is a web application that is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform and contains both a web application component and an Azure database storing and caching requests, plus logs any particular errors that may come up.

When an error occurs, be it an internal error or an issue with the request, the web application also sends a notification to console@gtsservices.com with the content of the error message. The site is also monitored for accessibility by Pingdom.

The first step in troubleshooting the LX Mapping site is to access the site and, if the site is available, and look up one or more addresses.

If the site is not available from either the LX Online environment, the GTS internal network and by any external source, check the Azure Status dashboard to see if there are any current platform outages; especially, any outages related to the "West US" datacenter, which is where the LX Mapping site resides.

If there are no ongoing outages, log on to the Azure Portal using a GTS Azure Administrator Microsoft account and under the "All Items" tab, verify that all three Azure services have a green check mark listed under the Status column.

The next step in the troubleshooting process would be to restart the "gtslxmaps" web application service by clicking on the service and then click on the "Restart" button along the bottom of the page. The command should only take a few seconds to complete and the web application service should be accessible within 15-20 seconds.

In case someone asks you to query the LX Mapping site database, click on the "gtslxmaps_db" service from the Azure Portal and then click on the "Manage" button at the bottom of the page.

Please note that Microsoft Silverlight is required to use the Azure Database Manager. The login information for the database is stored in the Systems KeePass database under:

Systems > SQL > Windows Azure: SQL Server Instance Administrator

The Azure database management page allows you to review the database tables and run queries as needed.

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