Why does the new installer think GlasPacLX is installed when I just uninstalled it? Follow


When using the new GlasPacLX installer (v.6.31.4977 and newer) on a workstation, it misidentifies GlasPacLX (LX) and other application features as already installed.  This can be the case even though they are not installed on the local computer.



The GlasPacLX installer scans all drives on your computer and checks to see if GlasPacLX is already installed.  If you have a mapped network drive to the GTS location on your server, the installer may see this as LX being installed on the workstation computer.



Temporarily disconnect the mapped network drive from your workstation.  Launch the GlasPacLX installer, and it should now allow you to complete the installation.  Once LX has been installed, reconnect the mapped network drive, and launch LX to connect to your server.

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