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This article will outline how to create a line item in GlasPacLX that can be used as a coupon, waiver, or other discount that applies a percentage off rather than a set dollar amount on an order.


Setting up the Discount Percentage

First, and most importantly, you’ll need to determine the account you’d like the discount applied to and what taxable rules will apply to this code. If you are unsure, consult your accountant or other tax professional on this matter.

  1. Go to the Products menu at the top in GlasPacLX and select Fees. This will open up the Fee Finder window; select the “Create New Fee” button at the bottom.
  2. In the new Fee Maintenance window, fill out the required fields as follows:
    • ID: Short form name of the item, used for identifying it in lists.
    • Description: Description of the item, fills out in the description field of the order.
    • Category: Where the item will show up in the Product Lookup window.
    • Product Type: Type for categorizing and applying applicable discounts.
    • Tax Product Type: Type for applicable taxes, if any.
    • G/L Account: Account used for accounting/tracking purposes.
  3. In the field below, enter the Fee type if necessary. Set how the fee should be automatically added to orders (In Shop, Mobile, Any, or Never)
  4. On the Pricing side of the window, check the box for “Price is inherently negative”.
  5. Leave the Price list as is, and check the box for Percentage Pricing. Add the percentage discount in the field.
  6. Save the item.

Important Note:
If you need to change the pricing, discounts, items, or anything else that would affect the total of the invoice, you will need to remove the line item and re-add it to the order to force it to re-calculate the percentage.

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