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GlasPacLX provides a BackUp function via the Tools Menu. It is highly advisable to set a time for your GlasPacLX backup to run. What it does is copy your database to the "\GTS\glaspaclx\DB\Bak" folder on the hard drive where GlasPacLX has been installed. You only need to set the "backup time" once and your GlasPacLX data will be backed up every day at that time.

Why do this?

If your computer experiences a failure, or has a virus, and the machine seems to be at risk - the hard drive may still be available to access GlasPacLX data. If this is the case the backed up GlasPacLX data can be copied off the hard drive and made available to restore on to another machine or a replacement hard drive. So, performing an GlasPacLX backup should be set in order to minimize data loss.

Are there other backups that can be done?

Yes, there are other backup procedures that can help. While GlasPacLX backs up data to the computer's hard drive you may decide that backing up to a "flash or zip drive" will give you additional flexibility and peace of mind. These small "USB" plugins are an excellent way of copying the GlasPacLX database off of the hard drive and onto the ancillary drive for portability and offsite security.

It is highly suggested that you copy your GlasPacLX backup off to a removable drive as mentioned above, and take this copy off-site.  In case of catastrophic loss, you will still have a copy of your data.

You can discuss these options with GTS Technical Support. Preserving your data makes good business sense.

Contact GTS Technical support by email at support@gtsservices.com.

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