Rebooting the MAS200 Server Follow

Occasionally, the Accounting server will need to be rebooted in order to clear up a problem.  The following instructions explain how to do this correctly.

Restart Process

Log on to the CPN terminal server (

From there, remote to Mercury2 (, and log on as the Tempered$ user.

The MAS200 Application Server Configuration application should already be running.

Check the Sessions tab, and verify that all users have logged off.  You may have to contact the Accounting users to make sure they are out of the program.

Once all users are out, click on the Server tab.  Click Stop, and wait until the process ends.  Click Exit to close the application.

Reboot the server.

Log back on to Mercury2 as Tempered$ once the server is back up. 

Launch the Application Server Configuration application from the desktop icon.

On the Server tab, click the Start button.

Disconnect from the Mercury2 server.  Do NOT log off.

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