How do I setup Insurance Profiles for EDI? Follow

In order for GlasPacLX to create EDI-ready invoices, the relevant Insurance profiles need to have values entered in the fields pertaining to the Partner information. Go to Customers - Insurance Maintenance - Create New Company.

Trading Partner ID

The Drop-down will show which one is which. Lynx = 005. Safelite = 044, Harmon = 054, If it’s a Quest Partner it will have its own trading partner. Look for the partner.

EDI Assigned ID

Only used for Safelite. Again, the dropdown will show which Safelite partner is assigned to the ID you are viewing.

Dispatch Insurer ID

Lynx Only – this works with the Dispatch finder to assign Insurance ID from the dispatches.

Once these items are in place, any time an invoice is created using the Bill To id of one of these Insurance Company profiles that invoice will also create an accompanying EDI document. This will be indicated by the EDI Required Fields pop-up when the workorder is saved or is invoiced.

Special Note regarding Safelite, Harmon Solutions, And Teleglass. In addition to the required fields shown above, Ship To or Install Address. Not including this will result in a rejection.

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