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The setup for Job Management is relatively quick. Only four areas need to be setup before you start creating new contract jobs.

  • Identify those employees who will be managing contract jobs.
  • Create Contract Job Categories
  • Setup Contract Job types
  • Identify those vendors you will use for contract jobs

Employee Maintenance

On the GlasPacLX menu select Company> Employees to open the Employee finder window.
From there you can either select an existing employee or click the Create new Employee button. In both cases you will open the Employee Maintenance screen.
Select the Contract Job manager check box for any employee who will be managing contract jobs. The status of this box can be changed at any time without causing problems on contract jobs as this simply determines which employees can be selected as the manager for a contract job.

Contract Job Categories

On the GlasPacLX menu select Lists > Contract Categories to open the Contract Job Category window.
Contract Job Categories are NOT associated at all with the Product Categories used to group products, but rather are categories used for estimating, job costing and billing contract jobs.
To add a new category click the Insert Item button and fill in a new line on the form. You can also double click any line and change it. While you can change Category ID’s later you want be consistent over time.

Setup Contract Job Types

On the GlasPacLX menu select Lists > Contract Job Types to open the Contract Job Type window.

Create as many contract job categories as you think are appropriate for your company. The contract job types maintained here may be assigned to jobs and provide an additional way to organize contract job management reports.

Identify Vendors to be used for contract jobs

On the GlasPacLX menu select Purchasing > Vendor Maintenance to open the Vendor Finder.

Click the Create New Vendor button to create a new vendor or select an existing vendor and click the Edit Vendor button to open the Vendor Maintenance window. The contract job module includes a feature to create automatic purchase orders from the bill of materials for the job – only those vendors identified as Contract Job Vendors can be selected for this process, which helps ensure only those companies you use for contract jobs are selected.

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