Fixing Print Spooler Corruption Follow

  1. Login to jBase as gtsadmin
  2. Type 6 to get to a TCL prompt
  3. su root

    Note: Verify that no hold entries are required by the customer as all print jobs will be removed when the spooler is recreated.
    • Select option 4 and change it to NONE
    • C to continue
  2. Recreate all printers, plus any future printers using:
    • SP-CREATE PRINTER<jBase_print_queue> PROG lpr –Plp<Linux_print_queue>
    • (ex. SP-CREATE PRINTER0 PROG lpr –Plp0) This will recreate jBase print queue 0 attached to Linux print queue 0.
  3. Next, set all printers to a page skip of 0 using:
    • SP-SKIP PRINTER<jBase_print_queue> 0
    • (ex. SP-SKIP PRINTER0 0) This will set PRINTER0 to a page skip of 0.
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