Clearing Locked Printers Follow

  1. Login to jBase
  2. Type T get to the TCL prompt
  3. Check for KILLED printers:
    • Type LISTPTR to get a listing of all printers on the system.
    • Check the status of all printers. All printers should have a status of ASSIGNED. To reset printers with other status messages, type SP-RESUME PRINTER<#>.
  4. If all printers have a status of ASSIGNED, or the above command does not cause the printer to start printing, try resetting the Linux print queue
    • Move to the sbin folder in the usr directory by entering cd /usr/sbin
    • Check the status of the Linux queue ./lpc status all
    • Look through the list and verify that all printers are “enabled”
    • If a printer has another status listed; note the printers lp number and use it in this command ./lpc kill lp<#>
  5. To reset the entire spooler, type:
    • service lpd restart
  6. If the above commands do not clear up the problem, there may be an issue with the cabling or the printer itself.
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