Linux Password Guidelines Follow

  1. Password Guidelines:
    • At least 6 characters in length
    • Use at least one numeric character (from 0-9)
    • Use at least one alphabetic character (upper or lower from a to z)
    • Special characters are OK, except the dash (-), but don’t start a password with special characters
    • Avoid “regular” words or names that would be found in a dictionary

      Good example:           39ctPow# or n9hYt2
      Bad example:              -dogGie2   or bigcat1
  2. When logging on for the first time, the username and password will be the same.
  3. After entering the existing password a prompt will request a new password. Enter the new password based on the guidelines above. The password will need to be entered twice for confirmation.
  4. To change the password after the initial login:
    • Login with the appropriate username
    • Get to a TCL prompt
    • Type passwd
    • Follow step 3 above to complete the password change.
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