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You may need to re-send an EDI batch if a technical error occurs, such as the loss of a file or the partial receipt of a file during transmission. If this is the case, use the following instructions to re-send the batch. Another reason to re-send a batch is if it is rejected for some reason during processing.

  • If the problem is related to invoice (s), you will need to identify the problem using the rejection notices you receive in your mailbox.
  • If the problem involves the actual invoice (s), you will need to correct them by creating new invoice(s), making sure that all relevant information is correct, and possibly re-sending them with another batch.
  • If the problem is due to an internal technical error on the part of GTS Services, then undo the batch, re-create it, and use the following procedures to re-send it.

To Re-send a Batch

Select Tools from the menu bar, and then View EDI Batches. The View EDI Batch window is displayed.
The table displays the batch number, the status, the batch date, and the date the EDI was sent to the EDI station. If the word "SENT" is displayed under the Status column and there are dates under the Date Sent to EDI Base column for the batch you have highlighted, the "Re-send" button is activated. If no dates are displayed in this column, the Re-send button will be grayed out and non-functional.

Highlight the line of the batch you want to re-send.

Select the Re-Send button. The Batch Resend Confirmation message appears. Select the Yes button to resend the batch. This makes the batch available to you in the Send/Receive EDI window. The date under the Date Sent to EDI Base column disappears and RESEND appears under the Status column.

Select the Close button. Now you can send the batch again.

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