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If your GlasPacLX application has disconnected from the database, or never been connected to the database you may run into a Login Password window or a Server Set Up Window. This document will address the steps you can take to resolve the issue.



Addressing the Login Password window

There will never be a need to enter a SA password on this window. If your SQL database is running and the network is configured properly, this screen will never appear. Select Cancel on this window and follow the steps below to resolve the database connectivity issue.

Ensure that the SQL Service is running

On the server, you will want to review your SQL service to ensure it has been started.

  1. Right Click on Computer or My Computer and select Manage
  2. In the Computer Management Window, select Services and Applications at the bottom of the left hand column.
  3. In the main portion of the window, double click on SQL Server Configuration.
  4. Double Click on SQL Server Services
  5. Ensure that SQL Server (GTS) is Running and the Start Mode is set to Automatic.
  6. If either of these settings is different, right click on the the SQL Server (GTS) service and select properties.
    • On the Log On tab, select Start
    • On the Service tab, select Start Mode and change it to Automatic
    • Select OK to save setting changes.

Note - If this is a new install and the SQL Server service is not listed, contact GTS support for assistance with installing SQL Server Express.

Addressing Server Setup window

  1. Server Name - This field will be filled in with the "Server Named Instance of SQL". Window above shows the server name as SEANC and the instance of SQL as GTS. The correct Server Name in this case would be "SEANC\GTS"
  2. Database Name - Once the correct Server Name is selected, the attached GlasPacLX database will automatically populate in the Database Name field.
  3. File Server Location - This is the root drive (Server) or file share (Work Station) for the GlasPacLX installation on the server.

Once all three of these fields are accurately filled in, GlasPacLX will successfully run, attached to the correct database.

Additional Things to Consider

  1. Is the Firewall or Antivirus software turned on? If so, this could prevent the workstation from connecting to the server. Make sure that GlasPacLX and ports 1433 and 1434 for both TCP and UDP are set up as exceptions.
  2. Is the File Server Location highlighted in red? This typically means there is an issue with the file share set up on the server, preventing the workstation from accessing the GTS directory on the server with full access rights. Ensure that the computers are networked properly and that the user on the workstation has full access to the root drive on the server. If you are sure the drive or location is correct, pres the Tab key 5 times and the File Server Location will show with a white background and you will now have the ability to click OK.
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