Setup QuickBooks to Techna LX Integration Follow

This is for New Branches

  • Techna uses Glasslinks a customized GlasPacLX.
  • Corporate uses API
  • All franchisees use IIF EXCEPT New Mexico who uses Datamax

Sign into Corporate user (CRP)

  1. Set up taxes
  2. Check branch settings
  3. Check branch sharing (all child branches are the same)

Sign into new branch

  1. Set GL codes (all child branches are the same)
  2. Set special line codes (all child branches are the same)
  3. Ensure Cash customer is unique from all other branches
  4. Verify NAGS prefix setup
  5. Verify default tax set in branch settings for new branch
  6. Check company>settings>special lines in branch>generic item needs to be set to materials, and windshield repair needs to be set to labor(taxable)

Customer doesn’t need to be on the phone for this part

  1. Update/correct API information as necessary BEFORE updating/correcting IIF
  2. In IIF interface>settings>locate branch and map to xfer file location
  3. Run scripts: See doc Techna A/R Selector Update Script
  • Add new branch ID to QB selector.
    • The first line is for cooperate ID’s
    • The reset are franchises
    • The separate line at the bottom is New Mexico
  • Run each line in document individually
  1. Ensure all integration settings still present in IIF integration tool
  2. Ensure cash account still set in branch settings
  3. Ensure QB mapping still in IIF tool and API tool

Let customer know you are finished

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