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The Breakaway environment is a nested system. Breakaway resides within jBase, but cannot see Linux, and jBase resides on Linux and can see both applications.

jBase provides a virtual PIC (pronounced pick) environment for Breakaway to run in. All print jobs are sent from Breakaway, through jBase, to Linux.

There are 3 separate areas where printers are setup inside the Breakaway environment. Since this is a nested environment, the printers have to be built from outside in (i.e. Linux must have the printers for jBase to use, and jBase must have the printers for Breakaway to use.)

*A note on using jBase/Breakaway commands vs. Linux commands. All commands are case sensitive, however while most Linux commands are lower case, most jBase/Breakaway commands are upper case.

Linux Printers

Access to Linux requires a terminal application like AccuTerm or Putty. Set the connection type to SSH, and the terminal emulation type to Linux terminal. Log in as root. At the prompt, type printconf-tui to launch the print configuration application.

If you tab to the Edit option, and hit enter you will get the screen below. The Name field should always be in the format shown (i.e. lp#). Aliases is rarely used, and would give an alternate name to reference for this printer. Type will always be Unix Print Queue. Server is the IP address of the printer or print server device. Lpd Queue should be one of three things, 9100, F##, or an alpha-numeric entry in the form PS-######-P1. 9100 identifies the standard printer port, and is used for most network printers, and some print servers. F##, as below, identifies a Systech print server (several printer will be on the same IP address, but individual lpd queues). The PS-######-P1 identifies a Dlink print server. Driver will usually be set to Raw Print Queue, but can also be Text Only Printer or HP LaserJet 4 using ljet4 driver.

jBase Printers

Log on to the Linux box as gtsadmin (see KeyPass). From the menu, select option 6. Scripts. Enter SP-STATUS to view the current list of jBase printers. Note under devices that each printer is pointed to a corresponding Linux printer queue (i.e. Plp#)

The detailed information on a jBase print queue is displayed in the SP-STATUS main window. The Queue Name is always set to PRINTER# to keep things clear for the Breakaway printers to identify. Device, is most always set to PROG lpr –Plp#, where the lp# corresponds to the Linux print queue name. Status is not set, but is the current condition of the printer. It should always say ASSIGNED. #Q is the number of jobs currently in the print queue (Please note some customers use the print queue to store print jobs for later viewing. Don’t delete print jobs unless you have the okay from the customer). Skip should always be set to 0 as it adds a blank page between jobs.

Breakaway Application Printers

Log on to the Linux server as gtsadmin. From the menu select RETAIL-7.0-USERS.01, this is usually at option number 17. From any Breakaway menu, type printer to bring up the list of available printers. There are two numbered columns listed, the printer’s queue number is the second set of numbers, usually starting at zero. Use the first number to select the printer for editing.

The screen below contains the configuration options for Breakaway printers. The Printer # is used to identify the printer for most uses. The users will identify the printer by this number and choose this number to select a printer for output. The Name/Description is just for use within the printer application to identify where the printer is located. The printer type is selected from a pre-generated list, and most printers will be either Okidata 320/321 or H/P Laser Printer. Printer Stores limits which store branches can use the printer. Form queue is an optional field to manually select the jBase queue name. If a queue name is not entered, the printer will select the jBase print queue which is in the same row as it is. (i.e. printer 0 is the first printer in the Breakaway list, so will attach to the first printer in the jBase list.)

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