How do I transfer files using the new F5 Secure Connect? Follow


The new F5 provides a new easier method to transfer your files from GTS Online to your computer and back.  The following document provides instructions on how to use this feature.

NOTE:  These instructions are for Windows computer only.  Macintosh computers and tablets are not supported with this feature.


Using the Feature

Ensure that you have this feature available.  You should have a Network Resources section on your Secure Connect website with the following link:

Click on the XFER Folder link

A new web page will display, and say that it is connecting.  You may have to acknowledge and allow the connection to your computer.  The final step will require you to enter your GTS Online username and password.

A new T: drive will now display in your list of available drives.  Any files in the Xfer folder on your GTS Online server will now be displayed in the T: drive.

NOTE:  If you already have a T: drive, you will be prompted to select an available drive letter for the File Transfer connection.

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