New F5/Secure Connect Features Follow

The following features will be available on the new F5 system:

  • One website for all customers

All users can now use to get to their GTS Online servers.

  • Support for Internet Explorer, Firefox and web browsers
  • Easier Windows File Transfers

The new F5 system now maps a drive letter to your Windows PC or Server allowing you to access your files just like they were already on your computer.

For more information on Transferring files, click here.

  • Support for newer versions of Apple Macintosh O/S*

The current version of Mac O/S X (10.10, Yosemite) is now supported on the new F5 system.

Firefox is supported for Mac connections.

For information on setting up and using the Mac connection click here.

  • Support for Android and iOS tablets*‡

Tablets can be used to connect to your server and run GlasPac LX from anywhere you have an internet connection.

For information on setting up and using the tablet connection, click here.


* There is a one-time setup fee for Macintosh computers and Tablets

‡ A minimum screen size of 9" is suggested for the best experience on a tablet.

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