How to Uninstall GlasPacLX prior to installing the GlasPacLX 6.31 GA Follow


The GlasPacLX Installer guides you through a full installation of the GlasPacLX software. To use the Installer, you must uninstall any previous version of GlaspacLX. Use the following steps to successfully uninstall the software so you can use the new Installer program to install the latest version of GlasPacLX (currently GlasPacLX 6.31 GA).

***WARNING*** it is imperative that you follow all steps in this document in the proper order.

Preparation: Backing Up essential GlasPacLX components

Before proceeding with the uninstall, make sure you have backed up the following items:

  • Communications Applet folder
  • Reports folder
  • CardProcessing folder
  • GlasPacLX Database

ComApp and Reports

Copy the Communications Applet and Reports folders to the desktop. They can be found at C:\GTS\GlasPacLX. The drive letter may be different on your system if you installed GlasPacLX on a different drive (e.g., E:).

Database Backup

Complete a backup of the GlasPacLX database.

    1. Log on to GlasPacLX
    2. From the LX menu, select Tools > Database Backup
    3. Click on the Backup Now button.
      Once the backup has completed, the backup file will be located at "C:\GTS\GlasPacLX\DB\BAK"

    4. Close out of GlasPacLX completely.

Note: Do not delete the GTS folder or any sub-folders after you have completed the backup.


Performing the Uninstall


Go to the file location of the unzipped Installer files. (In this example, we are using a folder named Installer created on the desktop.)

  • Locate the Unregister_Comapp_Services.bat file.
  • Right click, then click Run as Administrator.
  • The ComApp is now unregistered and deleted from services.
  • Press any key to continue...

Uninstall GlasPacLX

Open Control Panel.

2.  Click the Start Menu>Control Panel>Uninstall Program

3.  Locate GlasPacLX

4.  Click Uninstall/Change. You will be prompted to Select Uninstall Method. Accept the Default settings and click Next.

5.  Next, you will be prompted to Perform Uninstall. Click Finish to start the install process.

Uninstall progress will be displayed in the following window.

6.  Click the No to All button when prompted to Remove Shared Components.


Install the New Version of GlasPacLX

Use the GlasPacLX Installer software to install the new version of GlasPacLX.

1.  Choose either Full Install or Client-Only installation method.

2.  Follow the prompts provided by the Installer software.


Restoring Reports

After installing the new version of GlasPacLX, you will need to restore any custom reports and ComAppConfig back into the corresponding \GTS\GlasPacLX\ folder.

Restoring Custom Reports

1.   Copy/Move the saved Reports folder into the GlasPacLX folder. Next you will be prompted that the destination folder already exists.

2.   Click Yes to merge this folder with the existing one.

3.  Select the Do this for the next x confilicts checkbox

4.  Click Don't Move/Copy option in the Move/Copy File dialog box.


Restoring the ComApp Config.XML file

Next, you will need to restore the Config.XML file to the ComApp folder.

1.   Open the Communications Applet folder you saved to your desktop.

2.   Copy the Config.XML file into the C:\GTS\GlasPacLX\Communications Applet folder.

3.   Select the Copy and Replace option on the Copy File screen.

You have now succesfully restored your custom reports and you ComApp configuration file.

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