Why am I getting Error 5: Access is denied when trying connect with SQL Management Studio? Follow


SQL permissions error 5 coming up while trying to attach DB in SQL Studio Manager


Possible Cause/Resolution

UAC Enabled

  • Open Control Panel
  • Click on User Accounts (Make sure View by is set to Large icons)
  • Click on Change User Account Control settings
  • Move the slider to the bottom
  • Reboot the server

Verify that TCP/IP and Named Pipes are Enabled

  • Click on START > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server <version> > Configuration Tools
  • Open SQL Server Configuration Manager
  • Expand SQL Server Network Configuration and click on Protocols for GTS
  • Verify that Named Pipes and TCP/IP are set to Enabled
  • If they are not, right-click each and select Enable (This will require a restart of SQL)
    • Have all users exit GlasPacLX
  • Click on SQL Server Services
  • Right-click SQL Server (GTS), and select Restart
  • Have users log back on

Check the File & Sharing permissions for the GTS server share

  • The Everyone group should have full access to the share
  • All users should have full access to the GTS folder and sub-folders
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