How to I access GlasPacLX when I get a Max User message? Follow


These instructions can also be used to assist customers who are getting the Max Users message when not all licenses are in use.

NOTE:  Be very careful make ANY changes in SQL.  The changes are immediate and there is no Undo button.


Clearing users from the dbo.AppInstanceControl SQL Table

  1. Launch SQL Management Studio or Studio Express
  2. Locate the database instance for the customer
    • This can be found in SalesLogix under the Accounts > Account Hardware tab
    • In Zendesk Using the Hardware Assets button
  3. Login as sa using the standard GlasPacLX SQL password
  4. Open Databases > GlasPacLX_<customer_info> Tables
  5. Right-click on dbo.AppInstanceControl, and choose Select Top 200 Rows from the list
  6. Locate the username of the user you want to "Log Off" under the SecUserID heading
  7. Right-click on the line item, and select Delete

NOTE:  DO NOT delete the eHUBXML.COM entry

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