How do I add my own Logo to Order Headers? Follow

You can easily replace the standard order headers with your own logo.


  • Your logo must be a bitmap (*.BMP) image.
  • To prevent resizing, so the logo displays as expected, we recommend that the image size be 650 X 72 pixels or smaller at 100 DPI. If your logo exceeds these dimensions, GlasPacLX will attempt to resize it. Results may vary.
  • You must name the image file: Logo.bmp

To Replace Standard Order Headers with Your Logo

  1. Copy (Cntrl + C) and paste (Cntrl + V) your logo into the following directory:

  2. Close and reopen GlasPacLX.

  3. From the GlasPacLX menu bar, select Company and then Settings… to open the "Configuration Settings" window.

  4. Expand the Order Printing section, the "Autoglass Print Options," and/or the "Flat glass Print Options" sections. For each applicable order type, deselect the "Business Heading" check box, as shown in the following image.
  5. Select the Save button, close GlasPacLX, and reopen it. GlasPacLX automatically inserts your logo into any new or saved orders in the system and branch details will appear in the line below it.

Note: The following information ONLY describes an override feature if you have multiple logos for multiple branches. Ignore this section of you have one logo and it works for all branches.

Only for multiple logos for multiple branches:

If you want to have a different logo for a specific branch then copy the unique logo into a directory that is specific to that branch. As an example, say your Branch3 has a separate logo and you only want it used on this branch. You would place this logo, call it Branch3_logo, on the root of your “C” drive.

Login to each Branch -in this case Branch 3- that will use this specific logo. From the GlasPacLX menu bar, select Company and then Settings … to open the “Configuration Settings” window and choose Branch “Branch XX” Settings, then select Order Printing. The image below indicates where to place the required Custom form and location of the bitmap.

Put a check in the Print Custom Orders checkbox. In the Custom Order Location put the specific location of the logo for this branch.

Close and reopen LX. Your logo should print in place of the Standard heading for the branches you have setup.

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