What constitutes Professional Services? Follow

GTS customers pay maintenance for the software and hardware we provide to them. The key word here is MAINTENANCE. The customer is paying GTS to maintain the software and equipment they have already purchased. If, however, the customer wants something new or wants to change something about their products and services, that falls under Professional Services.

Here are some of the requests which require Professional Services:

Configuring new hardware purchased from GTS

Configuring new hardware NOT purchased from GTS

Fortigate router re-configuration

- The customer has gone to a new internet provider

- The shop's location has moved and the IP Address has changed with it

- Customer has reset the device to factory default settings by pressing the reset button

- The Internet provider has changed customer's static IP address

Maintaining non-GlasPac LX hosted software 

If you are unsure if the service the customer is requesting falls under Professional Services, please ask a member of Systems.

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