Does My Computer Meet the Minimum GlasPacLX 6.31 Requirements? Follow


This document is meant to assist you in discovering if your computer(s) meets the minimum hardware requirements for GlasPacLX 6.31 (LX). 

Each section below will start with the LX requirement, and then will explains how you can discover what are your computer's settings.


Discovering Settings

The features listed below can all be found by opening Control Panel and running the System application.  You should get a screen similar to this one for your computer's information:

Windows Workstation Version & Edition

Requirement (Version): Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Windows 10
Requirement (Edition): Professional, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate

Near the top of the screen you will see listed "Windows edition".  Verify, first, that you have one of the listed Versions of Windows.  If your Version of windows is supported, then verify that you have a support Edition.

Note:  GlasPacLX will NOT support any version of Windows Home or Home Premium


Windows Server Version

Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2

This section is only relevant if you are using a Windows Server computer in your environment, if you are not, skip this section.

The same screen that the Workstations use to verify Version will display the server Version.  For servers you only need to verify the Version, as all Editions of the Versions listed are supported.


Processor (CPU)

Requirement:  Workstation 1.5 GHz or better
Requirement:  Server Dual Core Processor
Requirement:  Terminal Server Dual Processor

Under the System section in the screen shot above identify the Processor or CPU for your computer.  This is the "brain" of your computer and so a larger number is better. 

The number above is primarily for Workstations.  Servers should have a larger CPU in order to handle additional requests from the Workstations.

Dual Core in the server and terminal server section above refers to a server's processor that contains multiple CPUs.


Memory (RAM)

Requirement:  Workstation 2.0 + GB
Requirement:  Server 4.0 + GB
Requirement:  Terminal Server 8.0 + GB

Under the System section again, locate the Installed Memory (RAM) for your computer, compare that with the requirements listed in this section.

Note:  A Terminal Server is a Windows Server that allows multiple users to log on to it and use it as a Workstation.  That is the reasoning behind the additional memory.


Hard Drive (Drive)

Requirement:  Workstation 10GB + available drive space
Requirement:  Server 10GB + available drive space
Requirement:  Terminal Server 10GB + available drive space

Open File Explorer or Computer on your workstation or server, and locate the various Drives listed.  The drive that you intend to use for GlasPacLX should have at lease 10GB of available space.  This space will be used for both the GlasPacLX application as well as the database where you information is stored.

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