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To use GlasPacLX, the software must be registered with the various modules and features available.  This document provides directions on how to register a customer with the features they have purchased.

GTS Online Customers are registered by the Systems Team on a 3-year basis


Launching the Registration Application

On your desktop, double-click on the Registration icon.

Log on with the username and password supplied to you

Click on New Registration

Enter the Serial Number for the customer account

Two windows will open.  The top window will display the Registration History for the customer.

NOTE:  Watch for registrations within the annual renewal period.  Customer have been know to try registering more than one computer with the same license.

If you want to review past registrations, select the line for the registration, and then click the Features button.  This will tell you what features were registered previously.  Click Reason to see the reason list for the last registration.

The second screen is where you will process the new registration.

Registering a Customer

Customers have to register their software every year to maintain access.  A warning message displays 10 day prior to expiration to the first person to log in each day.  If the customer fails to register their software within that time, they will only see a registration screen, and will be unable to use their software.

Enter the Caller Name and Caller Phone.  Type the reason for the call (usually annual renewal) in the large blank field under New Key.

Ask the customer for their Lock Number.  This is a 25-character alpha-numeric code.  Type this in to the Lock Number field, and hit Tab.  All current registered products will display in the grey space above the Lock Number field.

NOTE:  If this is a new customer registration, no options will be selected.  The Status/Suspect field will also be checked, as LX was not previously registered with a serial number

NOTE:  Make sure to check for the Status/Suspect check box on renewals.

In the Zendesk ticket, locate the GTS LINKS box, and click on the Hardware Assets button, and then the Other Assets link.  This will display the version of GlasPacLX, that the customer has purchased, the options they have, and how many users and branches they have.

Select the options in the registration application, or verify that they are already selected.  Set or verify the number of users and branches (usually 1 greater than the number of users).  Set the New Date to one year from the current date, and click the Make Key button.  You will be provided with at 26-character alpha-numeric New Key.  Read this to the customer.  Using words for letters often helps to keep from entering the wrong information (e.g. D-David, F-Frank, A-Apple, etc.)

Once you have completed the registration, click the Save button.  If you click Cancel or X out of the registration, nothing will be saved.

List of Asset Details vs Registration Feature Names

Listed on the Account Info page            Listed in the Registration App

GlasPac LX Small Business Edition*         Small Business Edition
GlasPac LX Flat Pro Edition                    Flat Only Enterprise
GlasPac LX Glazier                               Flat Only Enterprise
GlasPac LX Auto Pro Edition                   Auto Only Enterprise
GlasPac LX Auto/Flat Pro Edition            Auto/Flat Enterprise
GlasPac LX Auto/Glazier                        Auto/Flat Enterprise

NAGS (not listed, add to all auto)           NAGS
LX QB Account Integration                    QuickBooks
Dynamics GP Interface                         MS Dynamics GP
LX Small Business EDI                           EDI Interface
LX Purchasing & Inventory                    IC/PO
LX DataMax                                        DataMax Export
LX DataBridge                                     Data Bridge (RO)/Data Bridge (RW)
LX InfoMax                                        InfoMAX
GlasPac LX Glazier                               Contract Job Mgmt
GlasPac LX Auto/Glazier                        Contract Job Mgmt

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