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A critical element of the ARG Alliance value proposition is delivering operational excellence to our mutual insurance company customers. Along with a superior customer experience and a commitment to quality and safety, operational excellence rounds out our differentiated offering.

Operational excellence is where we collectively validate our other value proposition components. This is where we corroborate that the technician who did the work passed their background check. This is where we confirm promised appointment times were kept and contractual service cycle times were met. In a nutshell….this is “where the rubber meets the road”!!

LYNX Services must have this corroborating information prior to processing your invoice.

Website Usage

You are using the LYNX Services website because you are currently not utilizing one of the three point-of-sale (POS) trading partners of the ARG Alliance. Dialmark, GTS and Mainstreet all have software packages that fully integrate the elements of the Transaction Set. By using one of those, you would not need to input data into the LYNX website… would automatically flow from your POS to LYNX. For information concerning these POS options, we invite you to contact the providers directly.

Until such time as you implement one of the aforementioned POS platforms, the LYNX website will be the vehicle you use to transmit the necessary data. This data will be required for all ARG Alliance work when denoted on the LYNX Services job assignment as:

This dispatch must be performed by a background checked technician.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Log onto the LYNX Services website. Then, look along the left-side of the screen for the“Appointment Status” button. Click on the Appointment Status button.

Step 2: After clicking on the Appointment Status button, you will be prompted to enter the LYNX dispatch number. Please enter the appropriate dispatch number.

Step 3: A summary of the dispatch will be returned for your review. Please ensure it is the correct dispatch. The three center sections (“Dispatch Information”, “Vehicle Details” and “Glass Damage Information”) cannot be revised.

Under the “Appointment Information” box, you will click on the drop down arrow next to the Technician Name box. A list of all your company’s technicians will appear and you will select the technician who performed the work. Remember, that technician must have passed the background check. If he/she did not, you will receive an error message.

Step 4: Complete the “Promised Date” and Promised Start Time and End Time. Simply click on the Promised Date box and a calendar will appear. Please select the date the job was promised to the policyholder.

Next, click on the boxes for Start Time and End Time…..this is the “window” or range of time that was promised to the policyholder. For example, if the job was promised between 1:00pm and 3:00pm, you would enter 1:00pm in the Start Time box and 3:00pm in the End Time box. If the job was “in-shop” and simply scheduled for 10:00am, you would enter 10:00am in both the Start Time and End Time.

Note: to enter these times, click on the box and enter the times from the tables displayed (per the screen print below):

You may enter the Technician’s Name and Promised Date and Times before actually performing the work. Simply enter the information and save it.

It is also important to note that the Promised Date and/or Times may change based on customer request, part availability, weather conditions and so on. If such scheduling changes occur, please update these fields so they reflect the most current Promised Date and Times. However, once this information is submitted to LYNX it cannot be changed. But, you can save the information initially and then submit it at a later time once you are certain it will not change.

Step 5: After the work is performed, please complete the final boxes under the Appointment Information section. This would include the “Check-in Date” and “Check-in Time”. This is the date and time your technician began work on the vehicle. This applies to in-shop or mobile jobs.

The next section is the “Completion Date” and “Completion Time”. This is the date and time your technician finished work on the vehicle. Again, it applies to both in-shop and mobile jobs. In the vast majority of jobs (nearly all), the Check-in Date and Completion Date will be the same.

When all the boxes are complete, click on Submit and the information will be transmitted to LYNX. Once that happens, you cannot change or edit the fields.

Please be aware that your invoice for a job for which a background checked technician is required will be rejected until this Transaction Set of data has been received by LYNX Services.

If you have questions, please call either of the below contacts with the dispatch number available and your questions ready in the event you need to leave a voice message.

Paul McFarland                               Alba Rosati
Director, Programs Administration       Value Stream Leader, Participant Services
270-744-7010                                239-479-5816

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