GlasPacLX v6.31.4975 Release Notes Follow

This document lists new features and software updates/fixes for the GlasPacLX v6.31.4975 software update.

Software Updates/Fixes

Part Description is Lost when MISC is automatically applied

When a MISC part is added by typing in a description, the description is no longer removed.

Daily Scheduler - Tuesday Capacity Incorrect

Capacity calculations in the Daily Scheduler have been corrected.

When Hide Zero costs is checked in the Sourcing screen, online vendors are hidden

The online vendors now show when the Hide Zero Cost check box is selected in the Source Parts window.

Online inquiries are not sent when parts are already sourced.

An inquiry can be made to online vendors regardless of sourcing status. 7612 Bill as sets Discount to 0% and Net Price to $0.00 When Bill As is checked, discount and pricing retain their values.

Users without ICPO are getting the Duplicate IC Config warning message

The Duplicate IC Config warning is not shown if GlasPacLX is not registered for inventory.

Cannot open an Auto Glass invoice when registered for Flat Glass Only.

When the registration is changed to Flat Only, existing Auto Glass invoices will be accessible.

The Daily Scheduler is not sorting by Install Time when also sorting by Installer

Daily Scheduler correctly sorts installation times.

Update QuickBooks Integration version to 6.3.120 with GlasPacLX

The updated QuickBooks Integration has been included with this build of GlasPacLX.

When using a Cost Plus pricing discount, the correct sell price was not displayed.

Online vendors correctly show sell price when discount is set to use buyout bracket pricing.

Report Inventory Replenishment by Product ID fails when selecting Stock on Hand Quantity

Corrected criteria selection for Stock On Hand Quantity.

Unable to delete Agent Referral from order

Cleared Referral and Referral Contact fields will now save.

Sales by Customer report does not show customers in summary mode

The Sales by Customer report now shows customer in summary mode.

When a part has been sourced, but not successfully "ordered" the Action in the sourcing screen still shows Ordered.

Ordered will only be displayed when there is a confirmation number and the stock returned from the order is more than 0.

Job Area saves with spaces at end - cannot be used on an order

Once a Job Area name is entered in the maintenance form, whitespaces are trimmed off.

Job Area default ship to is overridden by Branch default ship to

When buying out parts during sourcing, the ship-to location is derived by checking the default ship-to location for the Job Area, if none is set, then the Branch default ship-to location is used.

In the Sourcing screen, Online Vendors are sorting at the bottom, regardless of the Vendor Preference setup

Online Vendors now take Vendor Preference order into account.

Changing a child part of a NAGS parent to a non-NAGS item removes the parent/child association

When a child part is replaced the parent/child relationship is retained

Calculation that checks MS Dynamics GP credit limit on save includes tax twice.

The credit limit calculation for MS Dynamics GP has been corrected.

Inventory quantity adjustment script needed during upsize for pre-5.34 databases

When upsizing a pre-5.34 database to 6.31, inventory adjustments will be added to correct stock levels in relation to the Inventory Transaction records.

Sized parts are displaying ‘Sourced’ after Purchase Order is created, instead of ‘In Transit.’

IC Status of sized parts is correct after sourcing to an external vendor.

Auto/Flat prints Ship to: Customer ID

The Ship to address block on the Auto/Flat print form for Quotes/Workorders/Invoices is now correct.

Credit/Rebill does not populate Installation Date/Time on Refund Document, overstating installer reports

When doing a Credit/Rebill, the refund has the same installation date and time as the original invoice.

Tab Order incorrect in Inventory > Manual Receipt Entry

Tab order in Manual Receipt Entry is now correct.

QSSR form does not print DOT number for second glass part

The DOT number for the second glass part will now print on the QSSR report.

QSSR form includes removed glass parts

Removed line items are not included when populating the QSSR form.

During Physical Inventory process, Adding parts to snapshot does not allow addition of parts with a description from NAGS Catalog longer than 50 characters.

NAGS parts with long descriptions can now be added to Physical Inventory snapshots.

Physical Inventory down arrow should behave like Enter in Qty Counted column

Fixed behavior of down arrow key to move to next row down.

When posting a Physical Inventory Count, the reserved message is not clear.

When posting a count during physical inventory, the reservation message now reads, ‘These parts are reserved. Double-click to open Reserved Item Lookup.’

IC Status is Available (green) instead of Sourced when part is sourced through Instant Transfer

Sourcing via Instant Transfer will cause IC Status to change to Sourced.

7300 Reduce the length of time needed for Request and Transfer finders to load

The performance of the Request finder and Transfer finder has been improved.

Allow ECI tab to function without turning on or setting up a workflow

There is now a new option in the General Application Settings to Enable ECI Tab. This will display and start in the ECI tab without turning workflow on. '

When changing the branch on an order the pricing is not updated to reflect the new Branch’s default price list.

Pricing of product line items will be recalculated when the branch is changed if the new and old branches have differing pricelists.

When using branch based pricing by price list, it is necessary to enter a blank Shop Price List in a discount to trigger different pricing in different branches.

The Shop Price List dropdown does not reset when a discount is reopened.

Shop Price List is not taken into account when a discount code is changed on an order

When the discount on the order is changed, product line item prices updates to reflect the Shop Price List of the new discount.

Warranty Reason Code saves with spaces at end - cannot be used on an order

When Warranty Reason Codes are edited, white spaces are trimmed off.

Unable to delete Customer records; conflicts with Contacts table

Contact records will be deleted when the Customer record is deleted.

Credit Card Payments Report

New Credit Card Payment and Excel Credit Card Payment reports added for reconciling credit card transactions.

Payments Collected by Installer Report

New reports for Payments Collected by Installer. These reports assist with reconciling payments collected in the field.

In-Shop and Mobile Jobs On LX Mobile

A new setting has been added to allow In-Shop jobs to be sent to the mobile application.

Changes to Flat Rate rules prevent users from unchecking Bracket Pricing in Product Maintenance.

Conflicting records where both Flat Rate and Bracket pricing are set will be changed to Bracket pricing only.

Run time error is displayed on importing batch file on manual receipt entry UI

Users can import batch files in the Manual Receipt Entry window.

Delete existing snapshots during 6.31 upsize

Physical Inventory snapshots will be deleted when upsizing from versions with the previous Physical Inventory method.

LX Mobile Notifications form shows orders not sent to mobile

The LX Mobile Notifications window will no longer show orders that were not sent to the mobile application.

Flat Rate on non-labor parts: change to not allow quantity for any Flat Rate part

If a product is marked as Flat Rate, users cannot edit Quantity on the Product Lookup screen.

LX Mobile Payments are doubling in LX when technician does not complete order.

Orders are not updated with data from LX Mobile after invoicing.

When IC Config or the Product setup is set to not track inventory on NAGS parts, IC Items are created when using Manual Receipt Entry.

Manual Receipt Entry will validate that parts are set to Track Inventory.

Credit/Re-Bill w/Waived Deductible updates Insurance Total, does not create Delta Document

Users can no longer add customer paid items to insurance side Credit/Re-bills (deductible changes are still valid). Users can no longer Credit/Re-bill the customer side document of an insurance job.

Warranty jobs should create a $0.00 'Cash Sale' for the customer only.

If an order is marked as a Warranty job, it will be invoiced and printed as a Customer only document. No Insurance invoice will be created.

Excel Inventory Replenishment by Branch report does not bring up the criteria in a timely manner

Corrected criteria on Excel Inventory Replenishment by Branch report for stock on hand.

Upsize error: cannot insert duplicate key row in dbo.securityright

Fixed an issue when running the upsize script for 6.0.3128.

InfoMAX cubes are not regenerating per the routine

The InfoMAX update scripts have been corrected.

Email Subject ENUM does not update during upsize.

The upsize script checks for either of the two values for the email subject ENUM and updates them to the correct value.

Remove Checking User Credentials message from attachments

Opening document attachments will no longer show the Checking User Credentials popup message.

Internal Only Software Updates
The following fixes are for internal information only. All support team members should review and be familiar with these updates.

GlasPacLX crashes on Sourcing parts to PGW Online Ordering Vendor.

Internal only. Bug never released.

When creating a new purchase order and adding an auto glass part, then adding a product from the menu, the GlasPacLX app crashes when the user closes without saving.

Internal only. Bug never released.

Document export is exporting UTF-8 XML as UTF-16

Custom feature for Techna.

License Agreement text file hardcoded to C drive

LicenseAgreement.txt is now written to the GTS folder on the drive where GlasPacLX is installed.

Claim Data section on the ECI tab is overlapping with Sales section

Internal only. Bug never released.

PreviousInstallDate is not set when Job is rescheduled through Job Area Appointments window

PreviousInstallDate is correctly populated when using the Job Area Appointments form.

Daily Scheduler: Installation Data details are not displayed on selecting a job item from the grid.

Internal Only. Bug never released.

The action security settings under Company > Security Groups should not have any listings for AR in it

A/R Security Areas are hidden from Security Maintenance in version 6.31.


Database Number
The number of the current database is 4955.

Known Issues

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