QuickBooks Integration Utility for GlasPacLX 6.31 Follow

What's New


  • Journal Entries will be created at the time a kit is assembled/disassembled.

Two Step transfer

  • Journal Entries will be created to track the movement of stock from one location to another.

Delta Document – Deductible change

  • When the Deductible amount is changed during Credit/Rebill, an open invoice/credit will be transferred to QuickBooks to track the difference owed by/to the customer.

Alternate Payment Types

  • These will import as cash


Contract Jobs

  • After Item Receipts associated with Contract Jobs are exported, users will have the ability to import the invoiced cost from QuickBooks into the contract.

Applied and Collected Deposits

  • All deposit payments will import into QuickBooks attached to Invoices with a ColDep item
  • Sales Documents (Cash Sales/Invoices) with deposits will import with a crediting AppDep item.

Canadian Taxes

  • Tax set up in LX will be verified against the tax set up in QuickBooks. Users will be alerted if there are inconsistencies between the two.
  • Transfer Taxes will import as tax-exempt line items on their respective invoices. Tax information in QuickBooks will report against the insurance invoice.
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