Setting up GLAXIS in the GlasPacLX ComApp Follow

Make sure EDI Info is setup and active for the Branch

Click the EDI Inquiry Tool button in GlasPacLX to get this info

Verify info is setup correctly in LX Branch Setup and GLAXIS – Go to Manage LYNX Profile (should be set up)

Make sure everything is checked and LYNX ID matches in Branch

In LX go to: Tools > Start Comm App Admin Tool

This will bring up Comm App Service Controller

Click on Settings


Go to GLAXIS website

Select Company

Get PID and PW from Communication IDs (which are case sensitive)

In LX Com App Tool enter the above PID (ex. 1240) and PW (ex. 9DQX8SWF) into Glaxis Tab (or General Tab for older versions)

Uncheck Glaxis Test Mode box

Click Apply, Okay

Stop/Start Comm App

The Status should go GREEN


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