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This article assumes that you have already created a new Contract Job, and have click the Create New Estimate button.

Creating an Estimate

Add materials and labor to the job either manually or by importing data. Select the Tab “Materials” to enter parts and materials. Select the “Labor” Tab to enter labor codes or the “Other” Tab to enter miscellaneous items on the estimate. Add items, descriptions, Category, quantity and estimated cost. The Category column has a drop-down selection to choose from.

Notice that you can “Import Materials List” (circled above) to quickly populate an estimate by importing data from lists with glass parts, estimated costs and quantities.
Click Import Materials List to begin importing items from lists or spreadsheets.

Highlight and “Open” the list to see materials and parts that can be imported to the estimate.
Now, the next two screens describe how to format and prepare the data for import. First, indicate the delimiter the data is using. In this example, our data is in a Comma delimiter format.

Then, use the drop-down menus to map the data to the GlasPacLX database.

Click “Finish” to get materials imported directly to the estimate.
Manually entered or imported “Materials” data is illustrated below. Data can also be imported for Tab’s “Labor” and “Other” in like manner. If you have all parts entered the next step is to press “Summarize to Estimate” and bring items and costs onto the job estimate.

Now, “Summarize to Estimate” has been clicked and we are ready to prepare an estimate for the customer. Use this screen to enter detailed descriptions of the work and arrive at a billing price by using the “MarkUp %” column. Then, print the Estimate and review it with your customer for approval.

Review the estimate with the customer for approval.

Agreement has been obtained from the customer! So let’s make a final Contract. Click Make Contract on the bottom of the Estimate Summary screen.

Then, Confirm that you want to make a Contract for this Estimate.  Type the word Contract in the Confirm Finalize window, and, Finalize it by putting in the Approved By and Approved Date.

Confirm the Retainage Percentage, and then click Finalize.

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