Checking Files for GFEs Follow

  1. Login to the customer’s machine as either gtsadmin or gts
  2. Get to the TCL prompt.
    • for gtsadmin users, select option 6 from the menu.
    • for gts users, type T at the prompt
  3. The save.system script:
    • The save.system script is listed below for reference, do not type these lines:

export PATH
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/jbc/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
find /GTS/VM1 –type f –print | jcheck –R >error.log

  • For a specific files account the following command my be used:

find /GTS/MV1/<files_account> -type f –print | jcheck –R >error.log

  1. Executing the save.system script:
    • Move to the scripts directory by typing cd /GTS/scripts
    • Run the save.system script, type . ./save.system
    • The system will process for several minutes before returning to a prompt
  2. Run the jed editor and check for errors
    • View the error.log file that was created by jcheck by editing it with the jed error.log
    • Once the jed editor has started, hit the ESC key to activate the command line
    • Type /ERROR! to search for any instances of errors reported in the file.
    • Document each filename. Press Ctrl-N to have search move to the next instance.
    • When all errors have been documented, exit the jed editor by hitting ESC then type ex.
  3. Recovering files
    • Move to the files account that jcheck reported errors in by typing cd /GTS/VM1/<files_account>
    • Switch users to root by using su root
    • Execute the jcheck command with the salvage and move options by typing jcheck –S –M –v <file_name>
    • Compare the number of records found with the number salvaged to determine the number of missing records.
  4. The following actions may be taken for each damaged file:
    • Verify that the file is okay by running jcheck with the –S (salvage) option and comparing the number of records to salvaged
    • Rebuild the file by using the programming tools
    • Consult with Programming
    • Restore the damaged file from tape or file.
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