Internal Workstation Checklist Follow

Windows Basics

Windows Operating System

Locate the Operating system disk from Dell. Place the CD in the drive and boot the system, follow the instructions on the screen to format the drive and load windows.


Download any necessary drivers from the Dell Support Website. You will need the service tag number from the computer along with the O/S version. If necessary download the NIC drivers from another computer and copy to the PC being build using a memory stick.

Active Directory Domain

In order to access files, printers, and applications on the GTS network, the new PC will need to be added to the domain. Open the System Folder and click change settings. The computer name should match the user account of the employee who will be using the PC. If the name does not match, change the name, then reboot. The next step is to change the “member of” field from Workgroup to Domain. In the domain field, enter You will be asked to enter you administrative credential. Once this is complete, reboot the machine again. Make sure to move the machine from the Computers OU to the Workstations OU in the Active Directory.

Windows Updates

Click Windows Update. Install all available updates. You may need to reboot the system a few times. When finished proceed to loading the core applications.


Core Applications

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional:

The office suite is an essential part of the GTS Services Desktop. Office can be loaded from the network at the following location: Office 2010 Professional Plus. The software license key is located in a text file Office 2010 key in the installation folder.

ShoreTel Call Manager:

This software is provided to better manage the ShoreTel IP based telephones. Open a web browser and enter the address Shoreware Director. Click the install button and allow the software to install on the computer. Reboot as necessary. The default password is changeme.

Apropos Agent: For Support, Sales, & selected Finance agents

If the workstation is in the sales or support department install Apropos Agent. Select all the default setting except on the second screen where you select the agent type and select the Link Agent type.

For Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 installs:

When installing the Apropos Agent on a workstation running Vista, you will need to run the installation from the run command line with the following:

 Apropos Windows 7 Installer

Adobe Acrobat Reader:

To read PDF files, GTS utilizes Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download and install the latest version of the program from the Adobe website. Uncheck the Google Toolbar option. Run any patch updates as necessary.

SalesLogix :

To install the SalesLogix run SalesLogix Client and run Setup.exe. After that install is done run SP2 folder and run the InstallShell.exe to install the service pack 2. When SalesLogix is run for the first time, the connector needs to be setup to tell SalesLogix which server and database to use. From the server pull down box, select Viking1. From the database pull down box, select SALESLOGIX_SERVER. Once this information is entered, a login box may appear. If this occurs, enter the user’s login name on the first line. The password will either be an empty password or the word password.

Device Installation


Install the drivers and printers that the user will be having as the default printer from CORP-FILE-01.  For 64 bit operating systems, the printers may need to be installed manually.

Optional Applications

AccuTerm 2K2:

For those users that need AccuTerm, Install the program Accuterm2k2. The serial number and key number are in the file Serial And Key.

Office Project 2007:

The Project component of the Office suite is used by several GTS employees. If needed the software can be installed from Project 2007 When prompted for the license key, it can be found in the Volume License Key.txt file in the Project 2007 Key.

Office Visio 2010:

The Visio component of the Office suite is used by several GTS employees. If needed the software can be found at Office Visio 2010, Run the setup.exe file and when prompted for the license key, it can be found in the Project Professional 2007 Key.docx file in the Office Visio Key.


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