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This is how pricing on GlassQuoter is calculated.

When you go through the GlassQuoter configuration GlasPacLX (LX) automatically creates a discount called WebDisc. The WebDisc is a subset of the capabilities normally available in LX discounts. It is a subset because GlassQuoter doesn't support all the concepts.

So while you can see and edit the WebDisc discount through the normal LX discount screen it should really only be edited via the GlassQuoter configuration screen shown here:


Regular Adhesive price is: $25.00

Expensive Adhesive price is: $45.00

Labor Price is: $33 / hour

Now I'll do the same thing in LX remembering to set the Discount ID to WebDisc first. It looks like this:

The first thing you'll notice is the total doesn't match. This is because GlassQuoter doesn't add Moldings. Now if I remove the Molding from LX the sub total does match, the grand total does not batch because GlassQuoter also does not include taxes.

Because GlassQuoter doesn't handle moldings there is a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen in GlassQuoter that says:

"Different tint colors or vehicle options may cause the quoted price to increase. Prices include labor, but may not include other items required to complete your job. Prices do not include any applicable sales tax."

It can be edited through the GlassQuoter configuration screen in LX as follows:

Now let's do another example where we will change the price of one parts and set another part to require the customer to talk to the shop.

This example is with a 1978, Mercedes Benz, 280CE, 2 Door Coupe (Windshield). Here is the screen shot from GlassQuoter before I make any changes to pricing.

Now in LX I am going to create a specific price list for these part numbers so that I can control the pricing. In LX if I pull this vehicle up in NAGS I see the part numbers are: FW00377GGNN and FW00377GGNY.

In LX I open the NAGS Alternative Price List window and create a new price list called GQ              . I enter both parts. For the GGNN I enter a price of $100 and for the GGNY I enter a price of $0. Unfortunately labor hours in the NAGS Alternative Price list have no affect on GlassQuoter, the labor always comes from the labor price of the branch entered on the GlassQuoter configuration screen. For consistency sake within LX however, I also enter the same labor hours as are in NAGS (2.8).

After saving the price list I go back to the GlassQuoter configuration screen and change my price list to be the new one I just created called GQ. After I know the pricing has been uploaded to GlassQuoter I open the site and create an order for this vehicle. It looks like this:

As you can see I have successfully changed the price on the GGNN to $100 and the labor is still calculating at $33/hour for 2.8 = $92.40 + $100 = $192.40.

And the GGNY glass now tells the customer they will need to talk to the glass shop to get a price quoted.


Note: Also you can use a wild card part number in the price list to apply to many pieces of glass. For example I could set all pieces of glass that start with FW00377 to $0 price so no price is provided online for these parts.

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