Configuring PGW eOrdering with Multiple Destination PIDs Follow

(Documented by Mike Jones, 5/19/2014 with GlasPacLX 6.31.4962)


Customer receives error when trying to eOrder with PGW when a single branch has more than one configured GLAXIS Destination PID.

The below example is from Binswanger:


In GlasPacLX, Branch 615 has two GLAXIS Destination PID’s:

In GLAXIS they look like this:

When GlasPacLX connects to PGW Auto Glass, it sends the first GLAXIS Destination PID from the Branch Set-up “Online Features Information” table to GLAXIS to identify who is requesting the part price and availability information. In this example, for Branch 615 GlasPacLX would send GLAXIS Destination PID = 5566 to GLAXIS/PGW Auto Glass.

In this example, we had two branches that were consolidated into one - Binswanger - Del City 610 became Binswanger - Norman 615. We need to maintain the two Destination PIDS to ensure that the LYNX Services dispatches are mapped to the correct branch. However, when setting up the connection with PGW Auto Glass you have to be sure that the active Destination PID mapped is the first one on the Branch set-up table.

To change the existing set-up, you can see in GLAXIS that PPGAG is mapped to 5568 Norman 615. Because 5568 is not first on the list under branch set-up this will not work and the customer will receive an error when trying to eOrder from the Branch 615:

In this example, you need to delete the set-up under GLAXIS Destination 5568 and set it up under 5566 where it doesn’t exist today:

To set it up you need to delete it under 5568 and then add it to 5566:

Hit the Add button:

Hit the submit button:


When you look at GLAXIS Destination ID 5566 again you will see PPGAG set-up properly.


This now will align with the PGW Auto Glass Ship to set up in GlasPacLX


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