GlasPacLX v6.31 Functionality Changes Follow


This document is intended to alert users of versions 5.34 and earlier of changes to existing functionality in GlasPacLX 6.31. New features are highlighted in the ‘What’s New in GlasPacLX 6.31’ document.

! Important Changes !

GlasPacLX Installation Process

Previous versions of GlasPacLX must be removed prior to running the GlasPacLX 6.31 installation package.

Please read and closely follow the instructions in ‘How to Uninstall GlasPacLX’ before attempting to install GlasPacLX 6.31.


Order or Contract Job Attachments

In GlasPacLX versions prior to 6.31, attachments to orders were stored in a single compressed ZIP file. In order to increase the scalability and stability of managing large numbers of photos and electronic signatures, attachments are now managed as separate files in the Windows file system. Please refer to Document Management - Attachments: Functionality for information. Existing attachments will need to be converted to the new format using the conversion utility included with GlasPacLX 6.31. Please refer to Document Management - Attachments: Conversion Tool for instructions on using the conversion utility.


Order Entry & Invoicing

Refunding Payments

If a deposit needs to be refunded for a Cash Sale or Invoice, the refund needs to be applied to the work order and saved. Then, the cash sale or invoice can be processed with the proper payment type. This is to ensure that the refunded payment is properly reflected in the accounting system.

Sourcing a Quote

Prior to 6.31, there was a link on the Sourcing screen to change a quote to a work order. In 6.31, sourcing a part automatically changes a quote to a work order.

Changing Line Types

There are line types on individual lines in the estimate grid. These are visible behind the line with Edit Line, e.g., Auto Glass, Auto, Labor, Auto Misc, Flat Glass, Fabrication, etc. These line types trigger certain behavior related to the item throughout LX. In 5.34 these were freely editable, a combo box of available line types was shown. In 6.31, these are fixed values and the field is grey/inactive.


When a deductible amount is changed during the credit/rebill process, an invoice or refund for the difference is created. This protects the integrity of the original payment transaction created.

Concurrent Change Detected

If two people are working on an order at the same time, when one person saves the software after the other person has saved their version, a message prompts asks if the changes should still be saved. This allows you to know that someone else is working on the same order.

Purchase Order Item Received

Purchase orders are now checked before saving order. If a purchase order associated with this order was received while the order was open in a different instance of LX, an error message displays and the current open document is not saved.


Warranties now set the sell price to $0 when the document is saved; in 5.34, this was set when Warranty was selected.

Flat Rate Pricing

For labor and products set to flat rate pricing, the quantity can only be 1 in the estimate now in 6.31.

Physical Inventory Changes

The physical inventory module has been expanded with features for non-NAGS products and multiple simultaneous counts. Please refer to Physical Inventory Snapshots for information on the new features.

Product Maintenance

When editing a product under 5.34, you could change a product between major types (an Auto Misc part could be changed into a Labor part, or vice versa). Under 6.31, you can only change the type when creating a brand new part. After the part is saved, editing the product shows the Product Type field as grey/inactive.

User Interface Changes

Discount Maintenance

The Customer Discount Maintenance screen has been rearranged to facilitate the new Price Matrix functionality.

Customer Contacts

GlasPacLX 6.31 now supports multiple contacts for a customer. Contact information entered in version 5.34 will be the primary contact accessible by clicking the Contacts button.

General Info

The Install and Required Date and Time fields have been rearranged to follow a left to right tab order. Their functionality has not changed.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Debit Card Mapping

Debit cards now behave like credit cards and are mapped by branch. Go to Accounting > Microsoft Dynamics GP > Credit Card Setup prior to running the updated integration to set up.

Canadian QuickBooks

Refer to How do I setup GST transfer tax with QuickBooks? and How do I setup Canadian taxes with QuickBooks? for information on setting up Canadian taxes.

Contract Jobs - Federal Tax ID

A Tax Exempt tab has been added to the Contract Job screen. The field will be pre-filled from the customer record or allow the user to manually enter it.

X-Charge Credit Card Processing

When updating from 5.34 to 6.31, the X-Charge® service must be updated to version 7.3.1. This involves a call to X-Charge to upgrade.   After X-Charge has been updated, a new credit card processing user account and password must be added to the X-Charge server and updated under Company > Configuration Settings > Application Settings > Payment Settings, as these fields were not available in 5.34.


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