Register QuickBooks on a GTS Online Server Follow

  1. Log onto the LX server.
  2. Remote control with the user you are helping.
  3. Help our client fill out the questionnaire in the registration window(s). When you get to the window where you see the validation code box, tell them that you are going to conference call you both with Intuit.
  4. You will introduce our client to the Intuit representative, and allow our client to answer the questions asked.
  5. After our client enters the validation code AND BEFORE they click Next, take a screenshot to attach to the ticket you are working. Remember to discuss this with our client before you call Intuit.
  6. Disconnect the call with Intuit and call our client back to complete the rest of your ticket work (if any). Note: Do not assume that the Intuit representative has disconnected. They do not hang up and will hear your conversation with our client.
  7. Save the screen shot in a document you can attach to the ticket
    (Word works well).
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