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Not all PCL5 and PCL6 printers are available to install on the GTS Online servers.  The following document outlines an option for using a "generic" printer driver instead of the specific driver.



The GTS Online environment has been setup with a workaround for unavailable printer drivers.  If a file named NTPRINTSUBS.inf is located in the C:\Windows\inf folder of the server, you can use it to tell Windows to use an alternate driver for one a customer has loaded.

Making Changes

This is the basic file format:

;Printer mapping file for client-side to server-side drivers
"OEM Printer Driver Name" = "Windows Server Driver Name"

Open NotePad and edit the NTPRINTSUBS.inf file (There is a copy of this file attached to this article if it does not already exist on the server.)

To add a printer, you must first identify the driver name that the customer is using.

Open Control Panel > Devices and Printers.

Right-click on the printer, and select Printer properties

Select and Copy the driver listed under Model

Replace the "OEM Printer Driver Name" with this driver name.  Locate a driver that will work as a substitute for this driver and replace the "Windows Server Driver Name" with that exact driver name.  Make sure to leave the quotation marks (").

For this example, the entry would look like this:

"KONICA MINOLTA C364SeriesPCL SP" = "HP LaserJet 4050 PCL 5"

Save the NTPRINTSUBS.inf file

Have the user log off of their server and back on.  Looking in Devices and Printers again should show the session printer is now using the HP driver.


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