Setting not listing correctly in the ComApp Tool Follow


This can occur when the ComApp is trying to connect to a different database than GlasPacLX.  To correct the issue, you will need to clear the Registry values for the ComApp.

Note:  When installing GlasPacLX on to Windows 10, UAC may interfere with the installation of the ComApp.  These steps may be necessary to enable full functionality of the ComApp service.

Stop the ComApp Application and GTS ComApp Service

Make sure that no copies of the ComApp application are running on the computer.  Stop the service by opening Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.  Locate GTS ComApp, select it, and click the Stop button at the top of the screen.  It is shaped like a square.

Modifying the Registry

WARNING!!  Before making changes to ANY registry setting, make sure to follow the Backup instructions.

To open the Registry, click START > RUN, and enter regedit.

Browse to Computer > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > GTSServices > ComApp

Right-click on ComApp, and select Export.

Give the exported Key a File Name and save it to the Desktop.

Right-click ComApp, and select Delete.  Verify that you want to Delete the Key.

Restart the ComApp Service and launch the ComApp Application to verify that it now has the correct settings.

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