Causes for EDI Rejection Follow

Incorrect VIN vs Vehicle ID – What is the difference?

VIN is Vehicle identification number - 17 digit on most Vehicles – if it fails on a reverse lookup, send Mitchell a note. If the VIN is a recycled VIN, credit/rebill and select the correct vehicle. For example: Select a 2008 for a 2009.

Vehicle ID – Found on lynx Dispatch and is part of Glassmate data starts with CR0…The insurance company uses this information for interchange list to check validity of parts used.

Most Med to large trucks, buscars older than 1981 may not have one. Use 0 as the VIN. If that gets rejected, the customer needs to call the insurance company and ask them what to use.

If the VIN is correct on the car but bad in the Policy on record you need to send the bad VIN Why? So that it will not be rejected by the insurance company.   Ignore the warnings; if the warnings are bothering the LX user, disable the VIN Validation option in the branch settings. Resubmit or submit through EDI.

Use Car fax as a 3rd party VIN verify

Common for GlasPac Dos – Correct by converting invoice to w/o – Do not credit save as a Charge , workorder – teal Glassmate screen with show the default was entered which is usually the wrong vehicle or year. What Jason means here is you will create a new work order and tell the customer not to simply click ENTER through the defaults on the window like they probably did on the original invoice.


Incorrect list price – The dispatch or referral tell you what the list price should be.

1st 2 weeks after Nags update this is common. If we are asked to help install NAGS, we need to verify that the customer has processed ALL old dispatches first.

MOST ins require the price in place at time of loss, Why? Because that is what the price was at the time of loss. This means the dispatch date.

Lookup price in old calculator – have many floating around. The correct price to use is always provided in the rejection notice – Use it. Credit and rebill at the correct list price. GTS has calculator manuals near the candy in the Support area.


Incorrect Part Number

Lynx says the part is not a valid NAGS part. Give the part number “MISC “and a description like “Antenna” and edit the line. Enter the number that Lynx approved in the EDI Sold Number box.


Total does not equal sum of parts

Sent in wrong tax amount

Sent multiple QTY of the item. Needs to send 1 QTY of labor and kits with list and sell price the same. Exceptions are dispatch qty is more than 1. Use whatever qty is on the dispatch, or the invoice will get rejected.


Incorrect shop on referral – (Safelite) This is used to match the vehicle or part. Incorrect

Program ID on the insurance maintenance window, too.

90% of time Wrong referral # entered- Always make sure has paper referral in hand. Due to transposition of numbers.


Invalid Part for Vehicle - Incorrect Program ID on the insurance maintenance window, too.

Often Is Wrong referral / Claim# entered See above – Get referral GTS audits the EDI before it ever gets sent to the insurance company, and something like will cause a rejection from our side.

Incorrect part for opening code (Safelite)

Read the dispatch – If was a door glass dispatch but actually a qtr glass – Call lynx for approval – Ex: Qtr glass is on the referral, but the left door is what is really damaged. A common one is that the customer told their insurance company it was a damaged door glass, when in reality it’s a damaged vent window. Customer needs to call Lynx, Safelite, etc. for correct opening code.

If was wrong dispatch # or referral was entered – Why? User error

NOTE: Only Lynx sends electronic dispatches to LX. Safelite, Lynx, and several other vendors allow EDI through LX.

We can also ask the customer to fax us the dispatch to get a second set of eyes on it.


Pre-station rejection – Identify if Payee or Insured.

Payee is the Glass Shop – Check EDI button in sales logix to see if has discrepencies with fed Tax ID , name address city state, signed up for the trade partner. Ex: EDI not set up with Safelite, then GTS rejects it right off the bat. A data restore can affect this, too.

Insured – Check to make sure all required fields filled in – name addr city st zip phone.

Remember to set up the insurance companies correctly. For example, Teleglass is a Safelite trading partner (parent id is Safelite) and the Program ID is Teleglass.


General EDI issues

Order is important

Glass Labor Kit – Moldings- Hardware - Misc Parts (decal, tint) - Extra labor – QTY = 1.

Upper line items

Glass labor kit – Parent Item is glass – kit and labor are child Not all glass has labor, some of the kits built into the price of the kit.

Lower line items 

Mldg, Hardware, misc, xtra labor – Look behind the line for Parent Part Number. Should be one if it’s a part of the upper line items.

If does not select out of the catalog, can break Parent Child and sends as lower line.

If glass has no labor attached, needs to send as a non-oem labor (in desc). AUTH MISC LABOR NON-OEM (there is a moss document on this). Fix the discounts on Insurance Company.

Lynx - 3 time sent incorrectly –goes to manual review and Charged 7.50

Send 3 times but 3rd invoice is correct - not charged the $7.50 We (GTS) charge 1.00. Charges are a part of their contract attached in SalesLogix.

Once a batch is sent – we cannot stop or intercept it.

I rec’d a fax notice that the ins co has not rec’d my invoice

Dispatches expire –Customer need to read mail. Lynx Warns after 90 days. Glass Shop may need help in the AR department.

CSR from Safelite say has not rec’d anything = really means has not rec’d a successful invoice. One that has been paid. Check to see if rejected.

EDI Button in SaleLogix

Verify if setup for Safelite, Teleglass, Meemic, AAA, Commerce before creating a ticket or forwarding the EDI Express setup docs. They may be just upgrading.

SAFELITE PARENT id – Always starts with 09XXXX. They will not find it on any dispatch referral. It is not the same as a shop ID. They must call Safelite to get this.

Try to get as much information as possible.

Invoice – Date it was first submitted – How many times – referral number. If a customer has 3 or more, get the information and call them back after research. If it is an entire batch, research the batch instance.

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