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This guide is designed for quick setup and creation of flat glass products where demo data is already installed. Without the demo data, more configuration will be required.



Product Categories

Before we begin adding our flat glass products we need to organize our products and options to best benefit our business. Organizing products and labor by category makes it easy for CSRs to find the right product or labor quickly during order entry. The CSR starts with a general product category and narrows the search by selecting subcategories until the needed part is found.

Product categories make it possible to add options and fabrications to products. Place the options or fabrications that go with a given product in their own category. When setting up the product itself, specify the category that holds the product’s options or fabrications. That way, those options or fabrications are available to be added to that product at the time of sale.

On the menu bar, select Products and then Product Categories. The Product Category Maintenance window is displayed.

  1. To add a new category, select the Add button. A New Category appears and is highlighted in the Existing Categories section, as shown here.
  2. Type the name of the new category or subcategory.
  3. To add a new subcategory, highlight the category it goes under and then select the Add button. Up to nine levels of subcategories can be added to any category. Remember to highlight (select) the category, or subcategory, to which to add the subcategory, before selecting the Add button.
  4. To add another new category¾not a subcategory¾to the bottom of the list, deselect any highlighted category by clicking anywhere on the blank part of the window. Then select the Add button.
  5. To move a category or subcategory, click on it with the mouse, hold the mouse button down, and drag it to its new position.

The following image shows a sample Product Category Maintenance window to which categories and subcategories have been added.

Note: Products displayed in the Products in Category grid have already been setup in Product Maintenance.

A highlighted category or subcategory can be deleted by selecting the Delete button.

Note: A category cannot be deleted without first deleting its subcategories.

The name of a highlighted category or subcategory can be changed by selecting the Rename button.

Flat Glass Thickness

Set up the flat glass thickness sizes for flat glass and fabrications thickness pricing. The thickness sizes that you enter here are used to fill in the Thickness Pricing grid in Product Maintenance, as well as the “Thickness” field in Product Lookup. So, it’s essential that you perform this setup procedure before you can use the Thickness Pricing feature.

Note: The thicknesses you set up here will be assigned to the Default Branch Price List you are currently working in. If you are unsure of what the Default Branch Price List is, select Company, Settings, and Default Branch Price List from the GlasPacLX menu bar.

  1. Select Products and then Flat Glass Thicknesses from the GlasPacLX menu bar to display the Flat Glass Thicknesses window.
  2. Select the Insert Item button to display a blank field in the Product Size ID grid.
  3. Enter all the thicknesses of the flat glass you sell, using text, symbol, or numeric characters. In our example, we used inches (“), millimeters (mm.), and other specific identifiers that some glass shops use.

    The order in which you enter the thicknesses directly correlates with how they will appear in the Thickness Pricing grid and the “Thickness” drop-down field in Product Lookup. So, make sure to enter the thicknesses in a consistently logical order (e.g., descending, ascending, numeric, alphabetic, etc.).

    To delete a thickness, click on the line and select the Delete Item button.
  1. When you are satisfied with your entries, select the Save button.


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