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The backup server that runs Retrospect has the IP Address  Use the backup network user account.  The password is listed in KeyPass.

GTS uses a 5 week rotation for the internal physical server backups, labeled Week1Mon – Week5Fri, no backups are done on the weekends. The Retrospect backup server is in the server room in the back left cabinet. Additional drive carriers can be found in the Config room in the fire safe.

Friday through Wednesday

Find the appropriate week and day of week drive(s) and insert the first drive in the server. There should be a 2TB drive for this job.

The new drive will identify as E, delete all data from the drive. There is an XCopy job on the server that will copy the data from drives S: through Z: to this drive


Find the appropriate week’s drive, and insert it into the server.   The Thursday backup uses a 2TB drive. Clear off any old data. Retrospect does the data copy for this backup.

In Retrospect, click on Scheduled under the Activity Monitor section along the left hand side of the screen.

Double-click on FILETRANSFER.

Click on the Destination button. Select the current week’s FILETRANSFER (ie. Week1 is FILETRANSFER-W1). Delete that FILETRANSFER entry, and then click OK to “Really forget” on the pop-up screen.

Click on the Create New button.

Select Disk if it is not already the default option.

Click Next

Enter the name as FILETRANSFER-W# where the # indicates the backup week for this new Backup set.

Click the Select button, and select the E: drive which should be your 2TB drive. Click OK, and then click Next.

Do not set anything on the Backup Set Security screen. Click Next.

Leave the default option “Ask for a new disk”, and click Next.

Verify that the Catalog File is “C:\B2DCatalog”, and click Next.

Replace the Catalog File on the warning message, click Yes. Click Finish

Click OK on the Backup Set Selection screen.

Click OK on the Transfer Backup Sets: FILETRANSFER screen.

Every Day

Click on the History tab, and review the Domain_Servers, Domain_Server2, and Development_Servers entries for the previous night’s backup.

Review the backup for any errors (Please note that some Windows files, and open files will not backup, nor will the Retrospect server be able to backup live .mdf or .ldf files. Ignore any messages saying that the backup “Can’t use Open File Backup. . .”)

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