How do I update an order in GlasPacLX Follow


Prior to invoicing an order, you can be updated by adding, removing, and/or replacing parts.



In all cases below, once you have GlasPacLX open, click on Orders > Open Quotes/Workorders.

Locate and open the order you wish to update.


Click on the empty line under Item Field and enter a part number or click the NAGS Catalog {F11} or Product Lookup {F12} buttons, and add a part as normal.


Select a part or parts on the order, and click the Delete Line(s) button.  You may be asked if you want to delete Parent And Child or Parent Only if you selected a part with child items.  Click the appropriate button to complete the delete process.


Click on the Part you want to change, and tap the F2 key on your keyboard.  Check or uncheck any parts you want changed.

You can also select a part and click Edit Line to make changes to price, discount and other options available on that part.

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