How do I Install GlasPacLX if the Memory Check Fails? Follow


This document covers version of GlasPacLX released on the original Wyse Installer.  The new installer correctly identifies memory.


The GlasPacLX installer does not always identify memory correctly.  A user with 2gb of memory (the minimum required by GlasPacLX), may be identified as only having 1.98gb of memory.  At this point the installer will fail, and notify the customer that they need more memory.


Click on START > Run

Click on the Browse... button, and locate the folder where the setup.exe file is saved.

Click the Open button to return to the Run window

Add /nomem to the end of the file location


If the setup file is located on the CD-Rom drive D:

Once you have found the file, the Run window should list:


Once you have added the /nomem to the command, it should say:

D:\setup.exe /nomem

NOTE:  Make sure you put a space between the .exe and the /nomem

Click the OK button to start the GlasPacLX installation process.  You should not get the memory check error.

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