How do I Configure GlasPacLX for Guardian Online Ordering? Follow


In order to purchase parts electronically through Guardian, the following steps need to be completed.


Bill Reese at Guardian has been a helpful resource during initial setups. He can be reached at 614.431.6309 or

The Guardian Customer ID number is also referred to as the Company Origination ID within the Guardian organization and is formatted with a combination of the account number and the Ship To location. It is important that the glass shop contact Guardian directly to obtain this ID because the ship to may not be straight forward or could be truncated. Example: CU000475;MARTINSBUR

Once you have obtained the correct Guardian Customer ID, login to Glaxis and follow the steps below to add the ID to the correct retail location under the corporation.

  1. Once logged into Glaxis, select GTS Services
  2. Locate and select the correct corporation in the alphabetical directory that is implementing Guardian ordering
  3. Select the Communications ID for the Corporation to reveal the Retail locations
  4. Select the Retail location implementing Guardian ordering
  5. Select Setup
  6. Select Guardian from the pull down menu
  7. Fill in the accurate Customer ID in the ID field and an applicable description in the Desc field
  8. Select Add
  9. Select Submit
  10. Email the Customer ID with the corresponding Retail PID in Glaxis to Bill Reese at
  11. At this time, the customer is setup to conduct online ordering with Guardian through Glaxis


Now proceed to GlasPacLX for setting up the Online Vendor for Guardian in GlasPacLX: 

  1. Select Purchasing>Vendor Maintenance to create a Guardian Vendor
  2. Fill in pertinent information on the General and Options tab
  3. Select Activate Online Features for Vendor on the Online tab
  4. Set the Vendor PID as 8078, regardless of the customer, and an applicable request time.
  5. Select the Delivery tab and set the Guardian ID as the LX Customer ID for all of the applicable ship to locations
  6. Select Save on the Vendor and it is ready for use within the online ordering functionality of GlasPacLX
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