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EDI Feedback

The EDI server will send EDI mail. The EDI Mail tool is located in EDI>Read EDI Mail

Here you can access:

  1. Received notices
  2. Audit Summaries Acceptance/Rejection notices
  3. EDI Communications Log
  4. GTS EDI Billing Statements.

The EDI > EDI 360 Reconciliation is another tool for checking EDI invoice status.

This will provide a status value for a specific date range of invoices based on what has been fed back to the customer’s database from the EDI server.

Once desired criteria are selected, click on Find Now to populate.

The Response Detail button will allow a user to view the reason for a Rejected invoice.

  1. Highlight the invoice line.
  2. Click Response Detail
  3. Click the + to expand the last line and view the details.

The Open Invoice button will open the invoice in question for review/edit/rebill.

Amongst the criteria selections is a Reviewed Status section. Users can mark invoices as reviewed by selecting the check box in the column Reviewed. Invoices so marked will no longer populate in the 360 window when Review Status of New is selected making it easier for users to focus invoices that need further investigating.

The user can quickly mark all accepted (paid) invoices as Reviewed by clicking the Mark All Accepted button.

Note: the EDI 360 is a tool to help users narrow down which invoices they need to follow up on. It is not an infallible up-to-the-minute status snapshot. Users will occasionally find a paid invoice that is still showing in a Sent status. If Lynx, Safelite et all report that the EDI invoice was never received then the user needs to contact us.

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