What is the process to Setup GlasPacLX for EDI Invoices? Follow

In order for GlaspacLX to generate an EDI invoice, there needs to be insurance profiles set up utilizing the EDI Assigned ID.

Lynx partners will use Trading Partner ID 005.

Safelite partners will use Trading Partner ID 044. Additionally Safelite assigns specific ID’s back to their Insurance company partners known as the EDI Assigned ID. So Safelite partners, and only them, will use this second field.

The Trading Partner list is kept in the GTS folders. There are times when an Insurance Company moves from one partner to the other. If such a move requires an update to this drop-down list. It will usually be updated as the customer receives EDI mail.

Once these items are in place, any time an invoice is created using the Bill to Id of one of these Insurance Company profiles, that invoice will also create an accompanying EDI document. This will be indicated by the EDI required fields pop-up when the invoice is saved.

This is from a Lynx Invoice. The Safelite list of required fields is about twice this long.

Subsequently, this invoice document will now have a button labeled View EDI Information on the Save/Print tab.

For further information on sending EDI Batches, see the following article:

How do I send an EDI Batch?

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