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Prior to Windows 2008, Windows disks were not scalable.  When a Windows Server 2003 machine runs low on disk space and there is nothing more to clean off of it, the drive must be increased.

The following document details the use of the Windows PE application to increase the drive space on a Windows 2003 Server.


Clone the Server

  1. Once all users have logged off of the server, shut it down.
  2. Make a copy of the server to ensure that if the drive size extension goes awry you still have a server available for the customer.
    • Open the vSphere Client application
    • Right-click on the server and select Clone
      • Give the clone a name, and select Hosted from the Inventory location section, click Next
      • Select Hosted (SLC) or Hosted/Hosted New (HIO) on the HOST/Cluster screen, click Next
      • Select a Host, click Next
      • Change the Virtual Disk Format to Thin Provision, and select a Datastore, click Next
      • Click Next on the following screen, and then Finish to start the cloning process.
  3. Once the clone has completed, you will need to attach the Windows PE ISO image to the server

Increase the Virtual Disk

  1. Select the original server in vSphere, and click Edit Settings
  2. Click on Hard Disk 1
  3. Increase the Disk size at the right of the screen (5gb is usually sufficient)
  4. Click OK to save your changes

Attaching the ISO

  1. To enable the boot from CD option, Edit Settings on the virtual machine
    • Click the Options tab
    • Select Advanced > Boot Options
    • Click the check box under Force BIOS Options
    • Click OK
  2. Boot the server
    • In the BIOS screen, use the arrow keys to select the Boot tab
    • Verify that CD-Rom is at the top of the boot list
  3. In vSphere, attach the server to VMUTILLUN_30\ISO\winpe_X86.iso (either datacenter)
  4. Back in the BIOS, hit the F10 key to save and exit the BIOS.
  5. You will get a "Hit Any Key to Boot from CD-Rom" or similar message.
  6. Hit any key on the keyboard to boot to Windows PE
  7. Use the directions in  Properly Extending VM Disks and Partitions (Windows) to extend the drive.
  8. Type exit to leave Windows PE and reboot.
  9. Detach the Windows PE ISO
  10. Verify that the server boots up correctly and that the drive is now larger.



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    Please add: CD/DVD "Connected at power on" needs to be checked before step 1 in "Attaching the ISO" section.

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