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There are a few common issues with dafa.dat files. Most of the time the issue is not related to a corruption in the dafa.dat file itself but is related to fileshare or folder security issues. A quick way to triage dafa.dat issues is to check and see if faults are impacting all users, on the all workstations and the server. The following procedure assumes that the issue with attachments is occurring on all systems.


If the issue is confined to a few or a single PC, the issue is not dafa.dat related but instead something else -- review the configurations in Step 5 below to troubleshoot in this case.

To make sure the issue is with the dafa.dat file itself, do the following short procedure.

  1. Make sure no one else on the system is using attachments. Rename the dafa.dat file to GlasPac LX will create a new dafa.dat file when the next attachment is added.
    Note:  The .dat file is located on the server in the \GTS\GlasPacLX\UserData folder
  2. In GlasPac LX create a new order and attach a small file to it. For this example, a simple text document from notepad is being used.
    Note: At this point a new dafa.dat file should be in the UserData folder.
  3. Immediately see if you can open the attachment.
  4. If the file attachment opens then the dafa.dat file could be corrupt. Proceed to step 6 and with the procedure detailed in the beginning of this document to troubleshoot further.
  5. If the file attachment does not open then the dafa.dat file is not the problem. Check to make sure the customer has the following things set up correctly:
    • Fileshare settings in Change Connection – it should be pointing to the server
    • Security permissions on the User Data folder. To troubleshoot, right click on the UserData folder and select the Security tab. Add or update the Everyone group to have Full control. Retest to see if this resolves the problem.
    • Fileshare permissions on the share to the User Data folder.
    • Attached file can open outside of GlasPac LX. To troubleshoot, make sure the file can be opened by the user normally. File attachments can fail to open because the software needed to open it isn’t installed or is not working.
  6. Clean-up from troubleshooting by removing the test order and putting the original dafa.dat file back into place.
    • Remove the attachment from the order
    • Close but do not save the order
    • Delete the new dafa.dat created during troubleshooting
    • Put the original dafa.dat file back into place (should be named from Step 1)
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