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In order for customers to send Electronic Dispatches, they must be setup with an EDI account.  GlasPacLX must also be setup with the customer's information.

Verify Customer is setup

On the ticket window in SalesLogix, click the EDI button. If there is information there, they are set up on our end to send invoices.

Online dispatches are different, we check on the setup in the Glaxis website for the customer’s company name.   Click the GTS Services link, search for the company name. Click the company name when found. Check the status and stuff.

Configure GlasPac LX

  1. Launch GlasPacLX, and logon with the password of the day.
  2. Company > Branch settings and select the Advanced tab.
  3. Check off EDI Active and enter the EDI location, partner ID, and password.
  4. To get electronic dispatches, check off Activate Glaxis Features

NOTE: This is in LX online help under the Branch Setup Procedures.

For each customer or insurance company using EDI, open the customer/insurance company maintenance window. Enter the trading partner id and EDI assigned ID as directed by the GTS service representative.

Next, set up your EDI Parts.

  1. Use the Miscellaneous Product Maintenance window to establish the IDs you are going to use for your EDI parts and services.
  2. After you create those parts, select the EDI menu, and then EDI Parts.
  3. The EDI maintenance window displays.
  4. Choose the first trading partner you are going to set up from the pull down arrow.
  5. Click Find Part. This displays the Product Details Finder.
  6. Use the Product Details Finder to locate and select the part. If necessary, set it up as a new part.
  7. Choose the Select button on the Product Details Finder and this places the part number and description on the EDI Part Maintenance grid.
  8. In the EDI Part number column, type the trading partner’s EDI part number for that part and press ENTER.

Select the Part Number column on the next line and repeat the above steps for each part you have to enter. When finished, click SAVE

EDI Communication Setup

The EDI Communication Setup window lets you choose the method for transmitting EDI.

  1. From the GlasPacLX menu bar, select EDI and then Send/Receive EDI to display the following window.
  2. Select the Setup button to display the following window.
  3. Depending on how you are set up, select one of the following options:
  • Use Modem


  • Use Internet

    EDI transmissions use a secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol) internet protocol. You can use any kind of internet connection, but broadband ensures faster transmission rates.

    In the "Host" field, enter the server you are connecting to.

    In the "Port" field, enter the appropriate connection port.

    Note: We do not recommend that you change the default settings.
  1. When finished, select the Save button to save changes and exit the window.


Finally, if you do EDI with Safelite and related insurance companies You can set Safelite Program IDs (e.g., 09005—USAA, 09034—Progressive, 09037—American Family, 09043—GEICO Insurance (Affiliates only after 1/17/01 & Non-affiliates after 7/02/01), etc.) in Insurance Company Maintenance now to prevent CSRs from picking the wrong IDs on EDI orders.

NOTE: The above information is in the LX online help under the EDI Parts Procedure and EDI Setup Procedure.


When your EDI setup is complete, you can create and manage daily batches of invoices, transmit them, and receive confirmations.

NOTE: to find EDI features demo information, go to LX product help and type “printer tray.” Select the Hidden topic.

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