How do I change an SBE license to an Auto Only license? Follow


This is a procedure to change a Small Business Edition (SBE) user to an Auto Only with no Inventory Control (IC) or Purchase Orders (PO). This is needed for any customer moving up to version 6.31+.



  1. Verify the customer is an SBE customer by checking the splash screen and in Help > About GlasPacLX.
  2. Run the AONOICPO.reg file on the customer’s machine. This file is attached to the end of this article.
  3. If GlasPacLX is open, close and reopen it.
  4. The splash screen and in Help > About GlasPacLX will identify that the product version has been changed to Auto Only.
  5. Remind the customer that they will now have a log in screen. The default user account is Demo, and the default password is also Demo.
  • You should assist the customer in setting up a new logon for security purposes
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